We are four former adventure seekers that served and worked in the military, intelligence community, and physical security risk assessments worlds. We launched Non Attrib Designs in 2023 out of necessity.

Every member of the team has spent time in high-risk locations, often on our own and without the support of a larger organization. Working in that environment often called for ingenuity to solve problems that could turn deadly. We lived and relied on our kit. If the gear didn’t deliver, the results could be bad.

As part of what we did, we used to customize our gear, removing anything that might indicate source and purpose. The gear became nondescript, uninteresting, and could blend in with the rest of the gear people used. Over the years, these tweaks and customizations resulted in a lot of ideas which, coupled with the experience of the team, allow us to create purpose-built gear for those high-risk destinations.

At the end of the day, this is all about helping keep those who serve safe.