Surveillance, covert action, and movement in high risk areas call for gear that needs to fly under the radar, items that need to remain non attributable.

Born out of necessity

After decades in the military and other organizations, working in environments that often forced us to keep a low signature, we used a lot of kit. Most failed.

We launched Non Attrib Designs out of necessity, to build the kit we wished we had back then, so that others can remain gray, with zero footprint. Our main purpose is to serve those that serve behind the scenes. We build low vis and unbranded kit with materials from around the world.

From backpacks and other bags, to clothing that looks simple, yet contains a lot of capabilities, we develop gear that can blend in.

What's coming?

We source specific materials from different countries. Getting these take time, so building each batch of gear also takes time.

Keep an eye on the website. We will be posting all available gear soon.