Our gear design is ruled by a simple philosophy:

  1. Nondescript: our gear is built to be ignored and to fly under the radar. It's gear that blends in, with no shiny parts and nothing eye catching.
  2. Lightweight: light is fast and speed is safety. Our gear focuses on reducing weight and simplifying features without compromising capabilities.
  3. Field serviceable: built with modularity in mind, most parts are replaceable. Our gear can be serviced on the field, and expanded with new add-ons as they are available.
  4. Weather resistant: the gear must be able to work under any weather, helping you in those moments where you need it most.


The materials we use were selected based on durability, weather resistance, and the ability to remain low key. They are purposedly not mil-spec. Nothing we make is designed for combat or to look military. Instead, our gear is designed and built to blend in and provide years of use in real-world environments.

Types of Gear

We are currently focusing on two lines:

More information will be posted soon.